Mopec Introduces Fully Submersible Oscillating Autopsy Saw
Mopec Introduces Fully Submersible Oscillating Autopsy Saw
  ‘Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw is lighter, cleaner, safer’
OAK PARK, Mich. – Mopec brings a safer, more efficient solution to autopsy technology with the introduction of the Mopec 5000TM Autopsy Saw – the first saw designed specifically for autopsy use.
With a handpiece weighing less than three pounds, the Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw is approximately one pound lighter than previous market options. Placement of the motor in the head and handle of the unit provides a balanced weight - resulting in a more precise cut with less operator fatigue. Packaged with a total of four, non-corrosive, chrome-plated steel blades in 64 mm and 76 mm circular and 51 mm and 64 mm segmented designs; the blade range supports all autopsy requirements. Designed for strength and effectiveness; course teeth enhance the cutting edge and reduce blockage. Oscillating at 13,200 cycles per minute, blade strength and durability allows for years of use. Changing blades is quick and easy with a nut driver and the saw’s unique axial mount blades. “With user safety at the forefront of our considerations, the Mopec 5000 Autopsy Saw features 40 volt DC hand operation, overload prevention, a simple one button start and stop switch, and chrome blades that reduce flexing and vibration,” said Mopec VP, Don Hirst. “Hermetically sealed, the Mopec 5000 is waterproof for full immersion cleaning and decontamination.” Compact with lightweight construction, the new saw is easily portable, or can be securely built into any autopsy table. Specifically designed for autopsies, the Mopec 5000 is FDA listed and has CE certification. For laboratories looking for the convenience of a bone vacuum, the saw works in conjunction with the optional Mopec 5000 Bone Dust Collector. Compact, portable and capable of extracting all harmful debris and matter, the vacuum rests on four large casters - all with brakes. With a bag capacity of 7-liters, the vacuum is IP44 water resistant and has 3-stage filtration, a HEPA filter, a cloth filter and paper filter bag. About Mopec Headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan and distributing globally, Mopec designs and manufactures customized equipment for the pathology, anatomy, mortuary and animal science industries. For more information contact
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