Wescor Model 3400 ChloroChek Chloridometer

The ChloroChek Chloridometer was designed to work with the Macroduct Sweat Collection System for analyzing sweat chloride for the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

ChloroChek is easy to operate and gives results in less than 20 seconds. Simply pipette in a 10 microliter sample of sweat and get a results of the display instantly.


  • Sample Volume
    10 μL
  • Duration of Measurement
    Approximately 20 Seconds
  • Reproducibility*
    CV of 1.02% at 100 mmol/L
  • Measurement Display
    0 – 999 mmol/L
  • Clinical  Measuring Range
    10 – 160 mmol/L
  • Resolutionm
    1 mmol/L over the entire measurement range

Wescor Model 3710 Macroduct® Sweat Collection System

The Macroduct system is the Webster Sweat Inducer, and the Macroduct Sweat Collector. Together they have revolutionized the laboratory sweat test for cystic fibrosis, and have brought early intervention to thousands of CF patients around the world. The heart of this system is simplicity.