Telescoping Tray

The most common type of refrigerator is one that contains a telescoping tray. This style is available in end opening, side opening and roll-in configurations. The telescoping tray is designed to support the cadaver and tray, even when fully extended; allowing the cadaver to be in full view from the refrigerator.

Conveyor Tray

The conveyor tray is available in end opening and side opening configurations. In this model, the tray rolls in and out of the cooler using a conveyor roller mechanism. The roller mechanism is permanently mounted within the cooler. Only the tray is removable.

Walk-In Coolers

The walk-in refrigerator/cooler system allows a larger volume of cadaver storage and is compatible with other Mopec equipment. Cadavers can be stored on individual carts, or a rack system can be constructed within the cooler for high volume storage.