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COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

New vaccines are emerging in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early evidence suggests novel vaccine storage temperatures may require a wider range of the cold chain spectrum. Some vaccines may require multiple temperature storage points prior to administrations. Are you prepared for emerging COVID-19 vaccine storage? PHCBi brand products and D.A.I. Scientific can help.

A Variety of Vaccine Storage for Your Needs

  • Upright and Undercounter Lab Freezers
    We offer a variety of freezers, including auto defrost, manual defrost, uncounter, countertop, flammable material storage and hazardous locations models. The temperature control range on most of our lab freezers is -15°C to -25°C with a few units offering a range of -18°C to -40°C.
  • Temperature Monitoring
    Our fully automated enterprise-wide temperature monitoring solution monitors your entire operation and alerts you immediately when anything is going out of your set requirements.
  • Freezer Inventory Racks
    We offer drawer and side access freezer racks that are designed to organize your samples and optimize interior freezer space.
  • Ice Machines
    Hoshizaki flaked ice machines are designed for dependability. Depending the size you choose, the machine will produce anywhere from 332 to 751 pounds of ice every 24 hours.
  • Air Filtration
    The EdgeGARD® from Baker comes in several horizontal and vertical flow models that provide particulate-free, HEPA-filtered uniform airflow across the work area.
  • Cell/Tissue Culture & Instruments
    We specialize in a complete line of cell culture equipment ranging from incubators to centrifuges to biological safety cabinets and much more. We also offer dependable and practical slide stainers and cytocentrifuges that are used at many leading healthcare institutions.
  • Containment
    We offer a variety of Class II and III biosafety cabinets that provide the highest level of performance, user convenience and energy efficiency. Some models can save you up to 70% annually in operating costs due to a large reduction in energy consumption and heat yields. Additionally, our models are equipped to handle a variety of biosafety levels (BSLs). They also meet and exceed NSF 49.