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Model Number Chloro-Chek 3400

ELITech Chloro-Chek Cystic Fibrosis Sweat Systems


  • Sample Volume:10 μL
  • Duration of Measurement: Approximately 20 Seconds, Reproducibility*, CV of 1.02% at 100 mmol/L
  • Measurement Display: 0 – 999 mmol/L
  • Clinical Measuring Range: 10 – 160 mmol/L
  • Resolution: 1 mmol/L over the entire measurement range
  • Integrated Stir Bar: PTFE coated magnetic cylindrical stir bar
  • Environment operating temperature: Indoor use; no direct sunlight
  • Operating temperature (ambient): 10˚C to 35 ˚C / 50 ˚F to 95 ˚F
  • Storage temperature: -40 ˚C to 70 ˚C / -40 ˚F to 158 ˚F
  • Room humidity: 5-80% (non-condensing
  • Altitude: up to 2000 m
  • Electrical Voltage: 100-120 VAC / 200-240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Powr: 20 VA
  • Electrical connection: Detachable power supply cord
  • Memory backup: integral lithium cell:(10 years typical)
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 20.5 x 22.0 x 36.0 cm (8.0 x 8.1 x 14.2 inches)

Product Description

The Chloro-Chek system is the acknowledged world leader for the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Because routinely screening newborns for cystic fibrosis leads to early diagnosis and means treatment can begin immediately. This system is capable of producing an unequivocol, quantitative result to corroborate clinical observations. The ChloroChek system is matched with the Macroduct Advanced sweat collection system to provide a complete solution.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. is proud to continue a 10+ year partnership with ELITech Group/Wescor to offer best-in-class equipment for the early diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

Proven performance is the cornerstone of ELITech Group products. ELITech Group is the acknowledged world leader in sweat collection and testing.

The ELITech Group enables better medical decisions by delivering high-value diagnostic solutions to laboratories operating closer to the patient. Our mission is to improve patient care by developing market-leading diagnostic products that enable physicians to more rapidly and accurately determine the course of treatment.

ELITech Group is committed to providing laboratories with superior support that customers can count on.

Product Features

The only FDA cleared chloridometer for sweat testing
Easy to operate and gives results in less than 20 seconds
Simply pipette in a 10-microliter sample of sweat and get a result on the display instantly
Intuitive touch-screen interface with simple prompts and leads the operator through the entire process
Electrodes are simple to install and remove for cleaning. Sweat controls are available with 3 levels to insure the highest level of quality control procedures for regulatory requirements.
The ELITech Chloro-Chek is the world leader for laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis


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ChloroChek Chloridometer
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