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Model Number Model 7122

ELITech Model 7122 Slide Stainers & Cytocentrifuges


  • Aqueous based stain
  • Slide Carousel Capacity: 1-12 slides or 1-30 slides, depending on carousel
  • Cytocentrifuge Rotor Speed: 100-2000 rpm, user programmable
  • Dimensions: 22″W x 10″H x 21″D
  • Electrical requirements: 115V
  • Safety: Lid interlock, lid must be closed for operation
  • Reagent Level Detect: Level detection on all reagent lines
  • Waste level detect if using waste bottle

Product Description

The ELITech Aerospray slide stainer delivers textbook quality staining with trouble free operation. The new series 2 stainers fulfills today’s needs for laboratories, with an easy and intuitive 21st century interface. The run time is short with slides ready for the microscope in five minutes giving superior results.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. is proud to continue a 10+ year partnership with ELITech Group/Wescor to offer the best slide stainers and cytocentrifuges available.

Proven performance is the cornerstone of ELITech Group products. The Aerospray Hematology stainer provides an unsurpassed alcohol-based stain that offers user flexibility and convenience.

ELITech Group enables better medical decisions by delivering high-value diagnostic solutions to laboratories operating closer to the patient. Our mission is to improve patient care by developing market-leading diagnostic products that enable physicians to more rapidly and accurately determine the course of treatment.

ELITech Group is committed to providing laboratories with superior support that customers can count on.

Product Features

Reagents are applied from atomizing spray nozzles onto the slides, staining is rapid and precise
With the addition of the Cytopro rotor, body fluids can be processed in the stainer, making it a dual purpose instrument in one convenient footprint
The Aerospray Pro Stainer is exceptionally sparing when it comes to reagent consumption
Rapid perfomance, with cycle times as short as 5 minutes
Can process more than 115 slides per hour (up to 288 with optional 30-slide carousel)
Easy to use: Simply select the user-defined program and start the stain cycle.
Automated nozzle clean and purge after each stain cycle ensures perfomance without user intervention


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Aerospray® Hematology Stat Model 7122
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