Covid-19: Vaccine, Immunization and Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers in a range of sizes and models. Over 40 Years Experience in Vaccine Storage Products.

We offer a variety of PHCbi refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers that are designed to support your lab, clinic or practice, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our high-quality models properly store and secure all types of vaccines, immunizations, and pharmaceuticals.

Here’s what you can expect from our cold storage products:

  • All models are CDC- and VFC-compliant
  • Various sizes available for any type of laboratory or space layout
  • All products maintain precise uniformity and temperature control
  • Large selection of temperature monitoring devices and freezer inventory racks
  • Upright and under-counter freezers available
  • Options include energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerator and freezers with HC refrigerants

Do you have questions about which cold storage products are the right fit for your application? Our experienced experts at D.A.I. Scientific have the specialized knowledge to provide the answers and help you pick out exactly what you need.

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