Can I install an independent temperature monitoring system?
All of our lab refrigerators provide an access port for you to install your temperature probe into the refrigerator. To save money, a lot of customers use low-cost residential refrigerators, which don’t have an access port for a temperature probe. This means they run the probe through the door gasket. The probe cord causes an air gap along the door gasket line, which allows warm room air to enter into the freezer and affects temperature uniformity.  
Can I run my data logger cord through the door gasket?
That is not recommended because the cord will cause an air gap along the door gasket. This gap will allow air into the unit, causing frost issues and warming the inside. All of our units have an access port through which you can run your data logger probe. This provides a tight seal.
Can I store bariatric bodies in my morgue cooler?
Yes, all the Mopec coolers can accommodate bariatric bodies. Talk to your local representative to see what’s the best solution for your space.
Can I use a combination refrigerator/freezer?
The only combination units that are allowed are models that have two compressors — one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. Single compressor combination units are not allowed because they do not offer the strict temperature uniformity that is required.