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Washers & Sterilizers

Glassware washers and sterilizers (also known as autoclaves) are core pieces of equipment that tend to go together. The main goal of both is to reduce contamination. D.A.I. supplies undercounter washers, free-standing glassware washers, benchtop autoclaves and large capacity lab autoclaves. Typical applications include animal science, life science, food safety, public health, wastewater treatment and medical research facilities.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Wayne State University has had a close and highly productive relationship with DAI Scientific for over two decades.  DAI has provided a level and quality of support and commitment that is not seen in other suppliers/providers, whether for our range of freezers needs or for the diverse requirements of new faculty as they provision their labs.  DAI has offered us the most competitive pricing in the marketplace.  Their personal hands-on approach is second to none.  Congratulations to a premiere organization with a very bright future.
Wayne State University
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