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Our laboratory at the University of Chicago has used DAI Scientific for over 15 years to help us establish and maintain a Freezer Farm.  We could not recommend DAI more highly for consistent service and reliability.  They provided any lab equipment we requested, and delivered competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.
University of Chicago
Can I install an independent temperature monitoring system in my laboratory freezer?
All of our lab freezers provide an access port for you to install your temperature probe into the freezer. To save money, a lot of customers use a low-cost residential freezer that does not have an access port for the temperature probe, which means they run the probe through the door gasket. The probe cord causes an air gap along the door gasket line. This enables warm room air to enter the freezer, which accelerates the frost buildup.
Does D.A.I. Scientific have refrigeration products that meet current Energy Star standards?
Yes. We have a wide variety of refrigerators and freezers (ranging from -20° to -80° C) with Energy Star listings. These units utilize new, natural refrigerants that are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
What does it mean to balance a centrifuge?
Balancing a centrifuge means loading the same amount of weight on either side of the rotor so that the unit is balanced.
What happens if you don’t balance a centrifuge?
If the centrifuge isn’t balanced, you could run the risk of damaging the rotor or worse — injuring yourself and anyone near the unit.
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