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Cold Storage Products

All laboratory and clinical applications require reliable cold storage products that can maintain precise temperature uniformity and control. D.A.I. is your source for refrigerators, ultra-low freezers, -20°C to -40°C freezers, cryogenic storage, walk-in coolers and even ice machines. We also have a large selection of temperature monitoring devices and freezer inventory racks.

Variety for your needs

Our medical refrigerators offer a range of options in terms of storage capacity and temperatures. Here is an overview of what you should consider:

  • Capacity
    How much storage do you need? Our models come in a range of sizes with capacities from 1 to 72 cubic square feet.
  • Location & Placement
    It’s important to think about where you will store your medical refrigerator within your room or laboratory. Our options allow for easy undercounter, countertop, or cabinetry kneewall installation. Units can be stacked with the adapter to maximize valuable laboratory floor space and can fit directly against a wall.
  • Temperature Requirements
    Each of our models has specific temperature controls, but most refrigerators have a range of 2°C to 14°C with freezer temperatures ranging from -20°C to -13°C.
  • Temperature Monitoring & Alerts
    All models offer audio and visual alarms and an access port for temperature monitoring.
  • Shelving
    Do you need wired shelves or roll out drawers? We have both options. Certain models also have completely adjustable shelving for maximum storage space.
  • Hospital-Grade Cords
    Our models are equipped with durable power cords that provide long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • Locks
    All refrigerators include keyed door locks for security.

Trusted by

We love the flexibility of our Mopec grossing station.  It is very easy to use and the elevation range allows all of our staff to work comfortably.  The hand-sprayer attachment has come in very handy with daily cleanup.  Definitely one of the best pieces of equipment in the entire histology lab!
Uniontown Hospital in Uniontown, PA
Mopec Grossing Station Customer at Uniontown Hospital in Uniontown, PA
The EliTech Aerospray Stainer was a breeze to set up and optimize to our specific needs. It’s very nice to have consistency between slides and technologists. We went live over two years ago and have had zero problems. The quality of the instrument and the stain is far superior to others we’ve used in the past.
Erie VA Medical Center
In 2019, we purchased two Baker STERILGARD biosafety cabinets (BSCs) through DAI. This model BSC offered numerous desired features at a very reasonable price. Our local sales representative through DAI was extremely helpful! He provided a wealth of information regarding the BSCs, as well as documentation we required to process the purchase. Dan was key in arranging for inside delivery directly to our labs through a company that had extensive experience with setup and delivery of Baker BSCs. The delivery and setup of these large pieces of equipment could not have gone more smoothly. Dan was also on-site for the delivery and provided a thorough tutorial on the use of the new BSCs at that time.
Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I install an independent temperature monitoring system?
All our lab freezers provide an access port for you to install your temperature probe into the freezer. To save money, a lot of customers use a low-cost residential freezer that does not have an access port for the temperature probe, which means they run the probe through the door gasket. The probe cord causes an air gap along the door gasket line. This allows warm room air to enter the freezer, which accelerates the frost buildup.  
What size unit do you need?
We have options from small table top, undercounter, all the way to 72 cuft, 3 door units.
What kind of freezer rack options do you have?
We have side access and drawer racks that can fit 2” and 3” boxes or even centrifuge tubes. We have a wide selection, so please contact your local representative to see what works best for your application.
What is the difference between manual defrost and auto-defrost?
The defrost cycle is the method in which the ice on the evaporator coils is removed. For vaccine freezers, there are two types of "defrost" freezers: manual and auto defrost. Manual defrost freezers, as the name suggests, have to be manually defrosted by turning the freezer off or unplugging the unit. The key advantage is the absence of warm temperature spikes that are present with an auto defrost freezer. Auto defrost freezers incorporate a timer and a heater attached to the evaporator coils to assist in the defrost cycle. When a defrost cycle starts the compressor is turned off and the heater turns on. The heater melts the ice that has collected on the evaporator coils. During the cycle the inside of the freezer will warm up. When the cycle ends, the heater is turned off and the compressor turns on. This cycle can happen several times during the day. The clear advantage of an auto defrost freezer is the ease of maintenance and no need to remove your product from the freezer. The disadvantage is most vaccines are sensitive to this warmup, which could prove damaging.
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