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Laminar Flow Hoods

Horizontal and vertical models that provide protection for samples and work procedures.

The EdgeGARD® from Baker comes in several horizontal and vertical flow models that provide particulate-free, HEPA-filtered uniform airflow across the work area.

A laminar flow hood protects products and samples for a variety of life science, industrial laboratory and process applications. There are two categories of laminar flow hoods, horizontal and vertical, which refer to the direction of airflow within the hood.

Horizontal laminar flow hoods

These are designed for a variety of industry applications involving low-risk agents, including: sterile product preparation, sterile drug compounding, IV admixture preparation, plant cell culture, media preparation, pharmaceutical procedures, electronic assembly, limited experimental research.

Vertical laminar flow hoods

Ideal for when product protection and particulate control are required. Unlike a horizontal hood, the vertical models provide controlled airflow in one direction over the entire work surface. These are also designed for the same variety of industry applications as horizontal laminar flow hoods listed above.

Laminar Flow Hood Considerations

  • Size: Our horizontal laminar flow hood models range in work surface height of 28” to 34”. Riser or caster options can be purchased to allow for work surface heights ranging from 36” to 42”. We even offer a space saver model for when you have a limited area, such as IV and nursing stations, satellite pharmacies, and intensive care units. Our vertical laminar flow hood models include an optional adjustable height stand that provides a work surface height range of 30” to 36”.
  • Placement and location: If lab floor space is tight, consider a vertical hood, which isn’t as deep.


  • HEPA filtration: EdgeGARD models use a HEPA supply filter with 99.99% minimum efficiency in capturing 0.3 micrometer particulates. You can also easily remove the HEPA filter screen for cleaning or service, and a concealed HEPA filter frame eliminates turbulence at the rear wall.
  • Ergonomics: All horizontal and vertical models feature cable ports, which allow a safe and ergonomic way of introducing cables and siphoning tubes into the hood without interfering with containment.
  • ISO classes: All of our models comply with standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which provides classifications for cleanrooms and the air inside them. Our horizontal models ensure ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanliness and our vertical units ensure ISO Class 4 (Class 10).

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