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Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers [-80°C]

These Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers are Suitable for Vaccine Storage.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Lab-Grade Models Designed to Preserve Biological Samples.

Our freezers come in a range of sizes and are specifically designed to preserve and store biological samples. Many of our models feature two independent systems, each sustaining ultra-low temperatures, to ensure that your samples are safe.

The majority of our ultra-low freezers have a temperature control range of -50°C to -86°C. We also offer a cryogenic freezer with a uniform temperature of -150°C that’s maintained with VIP© PLUS insulation technology for stable, long-term preservation of cells and tissue.

Our inventory rack options are designed for the safe, reliable storage of biologicals in biorepositories or other facilities where bulk consolidation of valuable samples is preferred. We also offer chest freezers that are ideal for storing DNA, RNA and other biological samples.

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