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Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers [-80°C]

These Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers are Suitable for Vaccine Storage.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Lab-Grade Models Designed to Preserve Biological Samples.

Our freezers come in a range of sizes and are specifically designed to preserve and store biological samples. Many of our models feature two independent systems, each sustaining ultra-low temperatures, to ensure that your samples are safe.

The majority of our ultra-low freezers have a temperature control range of -50°C to -86°C. We also offer a cryogenic freezer with a uniform temperature of -150°C that’s maintained with VIP© PLUS insulation technology for stable, long-term preservation of cells and tissue.

Our inventory rack options are designed for the safe, reliable storage of biologicals in biorepositories or other facilities where bulk consolidation of valuable samples is preferred. We also offer chest freezers that are ideal for storing DNA, RNA and other biological samples.

Ultra-Low Freezer Considerations

Our lab freezers offer a range of options in terms of dimensions, storage capacity and temperature control. Here is an overview of what you should consider:

DAI offers 4 series of PHCBI Ultra-Low Freezers:

  • VIP Eco-Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: If you are looking for an energy efficient freezer​, the VIP Eco series from PHCbi is the one for you. ​The combination of natural HC refrigerants and powerful variable speed compressors have resulted in an ENERGY STAR® certified ​freezer ​that is the most energy efficient freezer in the market.
  • Twin Guard Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: The double cooling system of the TwinGuard Series offers the most elevated level of security. The unique refrigeration system combines two autonomous refrigeration systems that work together to achieve -86°C temperatures. If one of the refrigeration systems malfunctions, the second system can maintain a temperature of -70°C.
  • VIP Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: The PHCbi VIP Series is a blend of cabinet design, electronics and refrigeration. Critical components are engineered for enhanced security, performance and reliability, providing a freezer with a temperature range that is perfect for storing critical samples.
  • Chest-Style Ultra-Low Freezers: PHCbi chest-style freezers are a blend of cabinet design, electronics and refrigeration. Critical components are engineered for enhanced security, performance and reliability, which is ideal for critical sample storage.
  • Capacity: We have several upright freezer models ranging from 12 to 29 cubic feet. We also have chest freezer models with capacity ranges of 3 to 25.3 cubic feet.
  • Location and placement: Our upright freezers come with space saving vacuum insulation panel (VIP) side walls, which maximize your space by providing more capacity in a smaller footprint.
  • Temperature requirements: Our models have accurate microprocessor controls, which provides outstanding temperature uniformity and recovery after door openings. Most lab freezers have a temperate control range of -50°C to -86°C. Our cryogenic freezer has a temperature range of -125°C to -150°C.
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts: All models offer audio and visual alarms and an access port for remote temperature monitoring. Some models provide an eye-level door mounted color LCD touchscreen, which also provides a USB port for data transfer.
  • Shelving: Except for the chest freezers, each ultra-low freezer has three shelves, which are adjustable.
  • Hospital-grade cords: Our models are equipped with durable power cords that provide reliable, long-lasting performance.
  • Security: All of our freezers include keyed door locks for security.
  • Door options: The models are equipped with insulated inner doors, and many feature an EZlatch, which is a simple one-handed opening mechanism that ensures the freezers operate at maximum energy efficiency.
Our company has grown significantly over the last ten years. One thing I know I can always count on is DAI and their rep, Brian Langenderfer, doing their part to keep us informed of specials on instrumentation, get us great pricing on quality inventory, and rapid response times on all communications, including quotes. Not only that, but they coordinate quality movers to come onsite upon delivery and help unpack, move, and set up equipment professionally.  What I also appreciate as a lab manager is having the DAI employees, like Brian, to support all installations, upkeep, and is available for general questions. As our one lab has now grown to four, I always make sure my lab operation peers use DAI as their first “go to” for equipment purchases. We are always impressed and never disappointed with our DAI experiences.
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Do you have any energy-saving models?
Yes, the VIP Eco series by PHCbi is a model that uses 60% less energy because of a combination of natural HC refrigerants and variable speed compressors. These models are ENERGY STAR® listed.
Do you have backup options?
Yes, the most common is a liquid CO2 backup, but we also have a LN2 backup option. For most -80°C applications, a liquid CO2 with suffice. For our cryogenic -150°C freezer, you should opt for the LN2 backup.
What voltage options do you have?
Most models have a choice of 115V or 208V/230V. Our local representatives can help make sure you pick the right voltage for your facility.
What kind of freezer rack options do you have?
We have side access and drawer racks that can fit 2” and 3” boxes or even centrifuge tubes. We have a wide selection, so please contact your local representative to see what works best for your application.
What companies make ultra low temperature freezers?
DAI sells PHCbi ultra low freezers.
What are ultra low temperature freezers used for?
Ultra low temp freezers are used to preserve and store biological samples.
What is the lowest temperature for an ultra low freezer?
Typically, ultra low freezers go as low as -86 C.
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