Abeona’s internal state-of the-art cell and gene manufacturing and production facility translates vision into reality

Written By: Kevin Theis

Cleveland, Ohio – Abeona Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ABEO) is a fully-integrated gene and cell therapy company at the forefront of the rapidly-advancing field of genetic medicine. Abeona has standardized on a number of DAI Scientific’s cutting-edge equipment for both their core research laboratories and GMP manufacturing suites.

The Baker Company: SterilGARD Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets

Abeona has selected Baker’s flagship biosafety cabinet for both their everyday cell-culture research applications as well as their GMP manufacturing process, taking advantage of Baker’s available IQ/OQ/PQ validation execution services.

Climet: CI-3100 Trident Real-time Continuous particle counters

Custom-made Climet stainless steel isokinetic probes are installed in each Baker biosafety cabinet, providing real-time particle counts with a sample data memory buffer for up to 10,080 samples.

Hettich: Rotanta 460R Heated/Cooled Centrifuge

German-engineered bench top centrifuge that is able to spin high sample volumes of blood tubes, conical tubes, plates and bottles with a working temperature range of -20º C to +40º C.

LabDesign: Custom mobile/elevating laboratory casework and storage

From initial design to final installation, LabDesign was able to provide creative mobile casework solutions as Abeona transitioned from pre-existing warehouse space to a number of separate research laboratories.

DAI Scientific’s consultative approach helps customers in the bio-pharmaceutical industry hone in on specialized equipment that excels in both R&D laboratories as well as regulated manufacturing facilities.

President, DAI Scientific

Kevin is the owner, president and a sales rep for DAI Scientific. He brings over 25 years of experience working with customers in academic, clinical, industrial and bio/pharma laboratories. Kevin plays an important role in DAI’s direction and strategy, and he regularly works with architects, engineers and lab planners to ensure that products work with their designs and fit their intended application. He also prides himself on being up to date with industry developments and advancements; he frequently attends seminars to educate himself to better serve his clients.

Kevin enjoys his secondary role as a sales rep for DAI because it keeps him in touch with customer needs and helps inform future requirements of the industry. Under Kevin’s direction, DAI achieved the 16 Million Dollar Club award in 2019 and received Lancer’s “Outstanding Sales Performance” award in 2017, 2015 and 2012.

Kevin’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Awards received:
2012, 2015, 2017 from Lancer for “Outstanding Sales Performance”
2025 Elitech for “#1 in Instrument Sales”
PHC (Formally Panasonic and Sanyo) Has given us several awards as we passed certain milestones.
16 Million Dollar Club 2019
11 million Dollar Club 2018
10 million dollar club 2015
5 million dollar club 2011