Cleveland, Ohio – Abeona Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ABEO) is a fully-integrated gene and cell therapy company at the forefront of the rapidly-advancing field of genetic medicine. Abeona has standardized on a number of DAI Scientific’s cutting-edge equipment for both their core research laboratories and GMP manufacturing suites.

The Baker Company: SterilGARD Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets

Abeona has selected Baker’s flagship biosafety cabinet for both their everyday cell-culture research applications as well as their GMP manufacturing process, taking advantage of Baker’s available IQ/OQ/PQ validation execution services.

Climet: CI-3100 Trident Real-time Continuous particle counters

Custom-made Climet stainless steel isokinetic probes are installed in each Baker biosafety cabinet, providing real-time particle counts with a sample data memory buffer for up to 10,080 samples.

Hettich: Rotanta 460R Heated/Cooled Centrifuge

German-engineered bench top centrifuge that is able to spin high sample volumes of blood tubes, conical tubes, plates and bottles with a working temperature range of -20º C to +40º C.

LabDesign: Custom mobile/elevating laboratory casework and storage

From initial design to final installation, LabDesign was able to provide creative mobile casework solutions as Abeona transitioned from pre-existing warehouse space to a number of separate research laboratories.

DAI Scientific’s consultative approach helps customers in the bio-pharmaceutical industry hone in on specialized equipment that excels in both R&D laboratories as well as regulated manufacturing facilities.