About the Bactron Line

BACTRON chambers are total anaerobic process workstations. Samples can be prepared, cultured, and inspected in the oxygen-free chamber
and standard incubator. Unlike anaerobic jars and bags, which unavoidably expose samples to oxygen, BACTRON units provide complete
anaerobic environments for all your applications.


BACTRON workstations are designed and built to provide years of performance. The chamber is continuously welded stainless steel, and the
front panel is rigid, heavy acrylic for unobstructed vision and chamber integrity.
The gloveless sleeve design forms a comfortable seal around the operators’ arms, permitting bare handed manipulation of plates and
specimens inside the chamber. Since specimens can be kept in the dedicated incubator, the chamber remains at ambient temperature, making
the work area much more comfortable and efficient.

What’s New

With new performance upgrades, BACTRONs have unmatched performance and efficiency. All BACTRONs now have:

BACTRON Applications:

• Clinical Microbiology • Microbiome Studies • Susceptibility Assays • Fermentation and Spoilage Studies • Food Microbiology
• Bio-Energy Research • Environmental Microbiology • Anaerobic Bacteriology