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Shaking Incubators

For labs that need the function of an incubator and the capabilities of a shaker, shaking incubators are an ideal solution.

Crystal Technology & Industries offers a comprehensive lineup of shaking incubators made up of stackable floor models equipped with temperature, CO2 and humidity controls and benchtop models with optional refrigeration and the ability to safely shake flasks, tube racks and micro-plates.

Turn to Benchmark Scientific for space-saving models that are ideal for use with tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes, staining trays and other, smaller vessels. Features such as adjustable shelving, proprietary heat distribution technology and a computer-designed motor isolation system (for noise reduction) make these shaking incubators a compelling choice for your lab.

Shaking Incubator Types

Tabletop Shaking Incubator

This type of shaking incubator — also commonly referred to as a benchtop shaking incubator — is one of the most versatile, as its compact size can be accommodated in labs of all sizes.

Heated and Refrigerated Shaking Incubators

When it comes to the temperatures that shaking incubators are able to maintain, some units are designed to only create warmer internal environments while others are capable of both heating and cooling. Our heated shaking incubators can achieve temperatures up to 70°C while those with cooling abilities can reach 4°C.

Large-capacity Shaking Incubator

These shaking incubators are able to accommodate a greater number of flasks, tubes or micro-plates per load. Some models can be stacked for maximized output while making the best use of available lab space.

Shaking Incubators with CO2 and Humidity Control

Some shaking incubators can also maintain precise CO2 and humidity levels within the chamber, creating an optimal environment for cell culture growth and many other applications.

Shaking Incubator Considerations

  • Accessories: For optimal performance, consider investing in accessories for your shaking incubator such as tube racks, infusion bottles, micro-plates, sticky mats and clamps to hold flasks.
  • Event management: Stay notified about anomalies while incubators are in use. All Crystal Technology & Industries units come equipped with audible and visual alarms that activate when abnormal parameters are detected. Additionally, Benchmark Scientific units utilize a constant monitoring system that verifies and maintains accuracy throughout the duration of the program.
  • Orbit diameter: The shaking incubators we offer have orbit diameters that range from 19mm to 50mm.
  • Placement and location: To ensure proper ventilation and access to cords and sockets, it’s crucial to choose a location with sufficient surrounding space (at least three inches). The chosen area should also be free from drafts and out of direct sunlight.
  • Size: Our shaking incubators come in a wide variety of sizes, with some small enough to fit comfortably on a tabletop and others featuring internal capacities of up to 302 L.
  • Speed: The majority of our shaking incubators can achieve speeds of 30 to 300 rpm. The exceptions to this range are the IS-RDD3A Top-Hinge Incubator Shaker with Cooling and the IS-RSD3A Top-Hinge Incubator Shaker models from Crystal Technology & Industries, which reach speeds of 30 to 400 rpm.
  • Temperature: The nature of the work being conducted in a laboratory will determine exact incubation temperature requirements. To that end, we offer incubators with a variety of temperature ranges that extend anywhere from -20°C to 65°C.

Common Shaking Incubator Applications

Shaking incubators are designed to create optimal environments for cell growth while also blending or agitating substances as needed. By seamlessly combining these two functions, shaking incubators are used for a variety of scientific purposes, including:

  • Cell aeration
  • Cell culturing
  • Extraction procedures
  • Protein expression
  • Solubility studies

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What are shaking incubators used for in a lab?
Like traditional incubators, shaking incubators are able to maintain specific environments that are optimal for certain scientific functions. Additionally, these units are capable of agitating their contents through the ability to shake. This combination of functions makes shaking incubators ideal for cell aeration, cell culturing, extraction procedures and more.
How do shaking incubators work?
Through heating and cooling mechanisms and humidity controls, shaking incubators are able to maintain precise internal conditions. Additionally, these units rely on orbital shaking platforms that are built into the chamber to agitate samples at variable speeds.
How big are shaking incubators?
Incubator sizes vary depending on manufacturer and unit type. At D.A.I., we have models that are less than one foot wide and others that have an internal capacity of 302 L.
What should I pay attention to when selecting a location for my shaking incubator?
The correct placement of your shaking incubator ensures efficient operation. When choosing a location for your unit, it’s crucial to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from drafty areas and other pieces of equipment that give off heat. Additionally, it’s important to place table-top models on stable surfaces as the shaking may cause an unsteady table or bench to become a hazard.
Is it safe to stack shaking incubators?
Not all of our shaking incubator models can be stacked. Be sure to check the description of the incubator you’re interested in to confirm if, and in what configurations, units can be stacked.
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