Consolidated Sterilizer Systems releases new X1 controller

Written By: Kevin Theis

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems releases new X1 controller. Our new X1 Control System was designed with the customer in mind.  It has a very intuitive user interface that makes it easy to operate the sterilizer, which should be particularly appealing to the life science community.

A Reliable and Easy-to-Use Control & Monitoring System

Consolidated’s X1™ controllers offer proven reliability, based on an industrial PLC platform programmed specifically for Consolidated’s sterilizers. The X1 control system has an intuitive user interface with modern touchscreen display and can be equipped with 50 programmable cycles. The entire system is built from industry-standard, open-source components for international availability of parts and service.

  • Permits industry standard and custom sterilization cycles.
  • Simplifies operation with optional ability to add “favorite cycles” shortcuts for frequently used cycles.
  • Allows managers (if desired) to prevent users from modifying sterilization parameters on individual cycles.
  • Assures quality control and process integrity.
  • Features sterilizer cycle quality reporting through Cloud or (optional) printer.
  • Audible and visual alarms warn of cycle or other deviations.

Intuitive UI

The X1 user interface is extremely easy to use and comes with the optional ability to add “favorite cycle” shortcuts for frequently used cycles.

The X1 controller displays a highly visible countdown timer to show the estimated time remaining in a sterilization cycle. The graphical display is easily visible from across the room.

Cloud-Based Monitoring and Data Collection

All Consolidated sterilizers with X1 controls have the ability to connect to the internet (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to allow remote monitoring, alerting and data collecting. All data is secured using HTTPS/TLS encryption and protected using 2-factor authentication. This Cloud system has the following capabilities:

  • View the real-time status of the autoclave from any computer, smart phone or tablet using a standard web browser.
  • Subscribe to and receive SMS/text and email alerts regarding cycle completion, cycle abort, alarm conditions, PM reminders and usage tips.
  • View and download historical cycle data showing operator ID, cycle name, cycle time, cycle completion status and all errors or alarms, as applicable.


All temperature and pressure sensors on the sterilizer can be calibrated using an intuitive three-point calibration method.

Energy Saving


The X1 controls are equipped with a calendar-based automatic start-up and shut-down feature known as EcoCalendar. This feature helps minimize utility consumption and HVAC load through a software controlled, automatic steam shut-off program.  Operators often neglect to shut the autoclave off at night or are deliberately leave the autoclave running all night so that the unit is warm in the morning. From an energy perspective this is wasteful. The EcoCalendar feature resolves these issues by allowing the lab manager to program the autoclave to automatically power off and on at specified times. For example, the autoclave can be easily programmed, through the X1 display, to turn on at 6am and shut down off at 6pm, Monday thru Friday.

Auto Idle Shut-Off

Like the EcoCalendar, this feature helps save energy by shutting the autoclave off when not in use. It functions similarly to a “sleep-mode” for your home computer. Simply set the desired idle time and the autoclave will enter Sleep Mode after the set idle time has elapsed. Press anywhere on the X1 touchscreen to “wake up” the autoclave.

Printer (optional)

An impact printer can be integrated into the main control panel. Printout includes all important information regarding the sterilization cycle recorded at user-defined intervals. Information includes operator ID, cycle type, cycle name, cycle parameters, cycle phase, time, chamber pressure and temperature, alarms or messages and cycle completion status.


Detailed performance and function alarms are included with the X1 controller, as well as alarm history report, visible on the touchscreen. Standard safety alarms are included in all Consolidated sterilizers.

Cycle Safeguards

The following cycle safeguards help ensure safe operation.

  • No cycle can start unless the door is properly closed and locked.
  • Control inputs automatically reject incorrect cycle parameters.
  • Chamber gauges are installed on the operating end of the sterilizer to display pressure in psig and vacuum in inches-Hg.
  • Exhaust is automatically condensed and cooled to a safe drainage temperature.
  • Multi-rate liquid exhaust allows users to select an exhaust rate above and below an adjustable temperature set-point. This prevents boil-over of liquids and reduces total cycle time.

Technical Specifications

  • 7″ Wide Touchscreen
  • WVGA Resolution 800×400
  • 65k colors
  • Ethernet communications
  • SD Card software upgrades
  • IP65F HMI Front
  • E-stop

For more information on Consolidated’s X1 Controller:  request more info


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