Cryosafe CryoGuard is the gold standard in vapor phase LN2 storage

Written By: Kevin Theis

CryoSafe CryoGuard is the gold standard in vapor phase LN2 storage.

The largest privately held biotech company in the state of Wisconsin has trusted the CryoGuard autofill storage system for almost a decade, and others in the scientific world have followed suit.  Vapor phase storage of samples is quickly becoming the gold standard not only in the basic research lab but more importantly in storage for production, GMP production, clinical labs and companies or organizations offering contracted services.  The main advantage vapor phase storage provides over liquid phase is removing the risk of sample cross-contamination while in the liquid mass together.
The CryoGuard system has proven industry-leading reliability, storage capacity, temperature uniformity, and low LN2 consumption rates.  CryoGuard was chosen over other brands for some very important reasons.  With safety in mind for users of the system, the CryoGuard comes standard with integrated stainless steel fold up/down step and integrated working shelf on top of the tank.  This combination reduces awkward lifting efforts by the user, helps access samples boxes immediately, significantly minimizes the time the rack is out of the tank and the temperature rise samples experience. The system comes standard with a 12V back-up battery to keep the system powered on during power outages.  Another CryoGuard advantage is the simple integration of the controller with a sequential fill system for use with multiple CryoGuards and or bulk LN2 systems. Pictured is a final product storage area where CryoGuards are sequentially filled from bulk LN2 storage in another area.  Our system can be programmed in many ways to optimize storage needs and reduce LN2 use.  Product removed from the tank is quickly and easily transferred to CryoSafe Vapor shippers which are shipped around the world.

Pictured is the sequential fill controller on the bulk LN2 side of this company’s storage bank

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