Lancer, the leader in Labware Washing Systems has a newly installed freestanding 1400LXP at Creighton University

Written By: Kevin Theis
Previously, Creighton researchers were carting their glassware to lower floors or even hand washing their glassware.  This ineffective time-wasting procedure has been rectified by the newly installed Lancer 1400 LXP unit. It has a larger and wider chamber for greater capacity and volume. Now multiple labs in the department are currently utilizing the washer which in turn has increased lab productivity.   The department has been very happy with the new washer and has taken full advantage of the additional time freed up during the day.  
The Lancer 1400 LXP washer has the capability of 3 levels of washing in one cycle and easily adjustable level positions of each rack.  This allows great flexibility for various glassware types and sizes, plus allows the capability of multiple sizes of glassware to be ran in one cycle.  Along with this flexibility the washer also provides chamber and injector drying capabilities.  

Direct injection cleaning, HEPA filtered injector drying

The 1400 LXP provides injection washing and drying on one to three levels simultaneously, delivering the wash/rinse solutions into narrow-necked glassware to provide for efficient and effective cleaning. 4 Washing positions are available and adjustable for the upper levels and provide for greater wash load flexibility. Low profile, rear manifold connections provide wash/rinse solution to the racks, maximizing usable rack surface, which is often reduced by common center manifold designs. 100% of the chamber volume is then available for an unbeaten washing capacity in this size/range of glassware washer dryer. HEPA filtered chamber and direct injection drying, adjustable by 1º C increments, reduces cycle time by drying glassware and labware inside and out. This fast turnaround of glassware increases productivity by reducing the waiting time for glassware.


Ease of Use

The 1400 LXP features microprocessor controls with 4 pre-set programs for chemistry glassware, bacteriology/virology (high temperature), stubborn stains (agar) and volumetric glassware (lower temperature).  For other applications, the 1400 LXP offers 36 additional programs that can be modified to fit any application. These custom programs offer the user the ability to easily adjust cycle parameters for program phases, temperatures, phase times and chemical dosing. The system control panel is user-friendly with a 7 button keypad and 2 ½ inch LCD interface. Self-diagnostic software provides visual and audible alarms to quickly alert the user in the event of a malfunction, displaying the error and allowing the owner to avoid costly service calls. Additionally, with on-board storage capacity, the 1400 LXP provides added safety.  


Unbeaten cleaning and drying results

Lancer’s superior hydraulic design maximizes flow and pressure with a single, direct fluid
path and no intermediate accessories. Additionally, racks are held in place by the door to ensure a positive connection without the loss of pressure and flow that is common with other designs. Top and bottom spray arms provide thorough coverage for the interior and exterior of glassware. Water rinses are programmable for hot, cold and hot/cold DI water. These features allow for maximum use of the space within the chamber and ensure cleanliness. This design enhances full interchangeability of the racks between levels, providing further flexibility and reducing the number or racks needed. 

Inventory systems

Having the right rack or accessory to fit your cleaning application is key to ensuring cleanliness and increasing productivity. With this in mind, Lancer provides versatile rack systems to accommodate all types of glassware and laboratory items. These rack systems include a wide range of accessories with various configurations of sizes and quantities of jets or baskets to handle all types of glass and labware from bottles to pipettes. Racks can be interchanged between levels to achieve further flexibility.

Lancer manufacturers a wide range of washers sizing from undercounters to large stand-alone units. Our DAI’s sales rep are thoroughly trained on Lancer’s full line of washers. They work with end-users to understand each facility’s washing needs and what product will work best. Contact us today to find out which one is best for your lab.
President, DAI Scientific

Kevin is the owner, president and a sales rep for DAI Scientific. He brings over 25 years of experience working with customers in academic, clinical, industrial and bio/pharma laboratories. Kevin plays an important role in DAI’s direction and strategy, and he regularly works with architects, engineers and lab planners to ensure that products work with their designs and fit their intended application. He also prides himself on being up to date with industry developments and advancements; he frequently attends seminars to educate himself to better serve his clients.

Kevin enjoys his secondary role as a sales rep for DAI because it keeps him in touch with customer needs and helps inform future requirements of the industry. Under Kevin’s direction, DAI achieved the 16 Million Dollar Club award in 2019 and received Lancer’s “Outstanding Sales Performance” award in 2017, 2015 and 2012.

Kevin’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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2012, 2015, 2017 from Lancer for “Outstanding Sales Performance”
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