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Morgue and Mortuary Refrigerators & Freezers Coolers and Refrigerators

Including telescoping tray coolers, conveyor tray coolers and walk-in coolers

We offer a variety of mortuary coolers and morgue freezer accessories that are designed for the safe, proper storage and preservation of bodies and specimens. Our mortuary refrigerators and freezers consist of walk-in, small door, forensic lab and cadaver lockers. Standard and custom fridge systems are designed to meet morgue and other facility needs.

This equipment also serves a variety of industries, including anatomical pathology, anatomy labs, medical examiners, morgues and necropsy.

Our walk-in refrigerators and coolers allow for a larger volume of body storage by using individual carts or a rack system.

The most common type of morgue refrigerator contains a telescoping tray, which is a fully extendable tray designed to support the body. This allows a complete view of the body from the refrigerator. The telescoping tray is available in end opening, side opening and roll-in configurations.

We also offer conveyor trays, which roll in and out of the cooler via a mechanism that is permanently mounted inside the cooler. These removable trays are available in end and side opening configurations.

Morgue Coolers Considerations

Here is an overview of what you should consider when it comes to looking for a morgue refrigerator:

  • Size/capacity: How big of a model do you need? The capacity of each product is defined by the user. Each locker can hold up to five bodies, whereas a walk-in refrigerator/cooler allows for a larger volume of storage. Bodies can be stored in individual carts or a rack system can be constructed for more storage.
  • Placement and location: Mopec morgue refrigeration units can be sized to suit your facility needs.
  • Temperature: There is a self-contained refrigeration system in each unit with temperatures of -20°C for the freezer and 4°C for refrigeration.
  • Monitoring and alerts: Our options are equipped with an integrated high-low temperature monitor and alarm. Additionally, a chart recorder will process trend lines and can store up to 7 days of cooler data.
  • Storage options: Compatible accessories for optimal and efficient storage include racks, telescoping conveyor lifts and body trays in assorted sizes.
  • Quality construction and materials: The refrigerators and morgue coolers are built with quality materials such as stainless steel, urethane foam and cam-lock fasteners, all of which result in a highly durable product.
  • Energy efficiency: In select units, the lights will automatically turn on and the blowers will shut off when the door is opened.
Our laboratory at the University of Chicago has used DAI Scientific for over 15 years to help us establish and maintain a Freezer Farm.  We could not recommend DAI more highly for consistent service and reliability.  They provided any lab equipment we requested, and delivered competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.
University of Chicago
How do I determine what size refrigerator I need to hold a certain number of cadavers?
D.A.I. and Mopec employ a helpful consultative approach, working closely with you to answer all such questions, including equipment size and specs, and much more.
What type of carts, trays and racks will I need?
We can help ensure a seamless workflow by specifying the correct autopsy table/sinks, carts, lifts and racks to minimize handling and ensure a safe workspace.
What type of cart would I need to help transfer bodies from the room to the morgue?
Mopec has a variety of covered cadaver carriers, including hydraulic units that can easily be adjusted for height.
Can I store bariatric bodies in my morgue cooler?
Yes, all the Mopec coolers can accommodate bariatric bodies. Talk to your local representative to see what’s the best solution for your space.
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