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Model Number NCB405

Baker NCB e3 Class II Type B1 NCB405 Biological Safety Cabinet


  • Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Class II Type B1
  • 40% Recirculated, 60% exhausted
  • Nominal Size: 4′
  • Exterior Dimensions: 5311⁄16″ x 34″ x [91 1/4” to 99 3/4″]
  • Interior Dimensions: 46″ x 18 7/8″ x 26″
  • Voltage: 115V, 20 A, 60 Hz

Product Description

The Baker Company NCB™ e3 biological safety cabinet exceeds specifications for the NCI-1 cabinet developed by the National Cancer Institute, with unique design features proven to enhance containment while inhibiting cross contamination and exposure to chemicals, vapors and gases. Primary, patented under the work surface HEPA filters, supply HEPA filter and direct exhaust airflow system combine to increase protection from particulates, while preventing the buildup of chemical vapors and gases.

All exhaust air is removed directly from the work area (direct exhaust) into a building’s separate exhaust system. Vapors and gases emitted from vessels or work behind the air split (approximately halfway back from the cabinet front) are removed and not recirculated.

HEPA filters located below the work surface assure that all positive pressure areas are free of particulate contamination. Additionally, all positive pressure plenums are completely surrounded by negative pressure. Recirculated air is HEPA-filtered immediately below the work surface before it is passed through a supply downflow filter above the work area.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. is proud to continue a 50+ year partnership with The Baker Company to provide best-in-class biological safety cabinets, clean benches, custom enclosures, class III glove boxes and vivarium hoods.

Baker was founded in 1951 in response to the need for contamination control. They designed and built the first clean air workstation. In 1964, Baker developed the first biological safety cabinet which provided personnel, product and environmental protection. This new design incorporated the momentum air curtain, which remains the most effective method to provide containment.

Baker designs and builds the world's best biological safety cabinets. Many of today's standards for performance, quality, and construction are based on Baker's original innovations. The Baker motto of "no minimum anything" drives their continued motivation to far exceed industry standards.

Nothing says more about a company than the warranty they use to support their products. All Baker biological safety cabinets/hoods offer a full 6 year parts and labor warranty. This is an industry best guarantee and helps to prove their hoods have the lowest total life cycle cost while providing the safest hood in real life conditions.

Product Features

Baker's StediFLOW VFD motor controller uses less energy, reduces heat output, and operates more quietly.
Extends filter life, minimizes filter replacement and decontamination costs.
A 65% reduction in energy consumption and operating costs.
The NCB e3 cabinet employs a unique momentum air curtain that offers an added measure of containment and protection that is exclusive to Baker.
Most comfortable working environment available with reduced noise and vibration.
3 year full parts and labor warranty.
Our company has grown significantly over the last ten years. One thing I know I can always count on is DAI and their rep, Brian Langenderfer, doing their part to keep us informed of specials on instrumentation, get us great pricing on quality inventory, and rapid response times on all communications, including quotes. Not only that, but they coordinate quality movers to come onsite upon delivery and help unpack, move, and set up equipment professionally.  What I also appreciate as a lab manager is having the DAI employees, like Brian, to support all installations, upkeep, and is available for general questions. As our one lab has now grown to four, I always make sure my lab operation peers use DAI as their first “go to” for equipment purchases. We are always impressed and never disappointed with our DAI experiences.
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Baker NCB e3 Class II Type B1 Biological Safety Cabinets
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