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Model Number LUMIstar Omega

BMG Labtech LUMIstar Omega Single Mode Microplate Readers


  • Measurement at up to eight distinctive wavelengths
  • Top and bottom reading
  • Up to two reagent injectors
  • Powerful MARS data analysis software

Product Description

The LUMIstar® Omega is BMG LABTECH’s powerful dedicated luminescence microplate reader, providing highly sensitive flash and glow assay readings. This DLReady-certified microplate reader can also come equipped with Simultaneous Dual Emission for BRET applications, and can be further upgraded to a multi-mode reader.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies:

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

For the past 20 years, D.A.I. and BMG LABTECH have worked together to provide solutions to the life science industry.

For 30 years, BMG LABTECH has specialized in producing microplate readers. This experience that has provided them with unmatched expertise in microplate reading technology. Users get to see this knowledge when they use a BMG microplate reader.

BMG is a proud, award-winning German company. Their products have a robust design that makes them extremely reliable. All models are built and tested in Germany.

Due to the modularity of BMG plate readers, models can be made to accommodate different detection modes for various applications. In the future, additional features can be upgraded at any time. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the reader to your ever-changing research requirements.

Product Features

Due to the modularity of BMG LABTECH‘s Omega Series several combinations of features can be installed at time of purchase or upgraded at any time. Please contact your local representative for more details or a quote.


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BMG Lumistar Omega
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Simultaneous Dual Emission Detection of Luciferase Reporter Assays
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