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Model Number CI-3100 OPT

Climet CI-3100 OPT Realtime Particle Counters


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A = Data Communications Options

  • 12 = 4-20 mA Signal output*
  • 14 = RS-232 custom binary protocol
  • 21 = Ethernet Modbus*
  • 22 = RS-485 Modbus

B = Voltage Options

  • 0 = External Power, 24 VDC
  • 1 = 115 VAC North America
  • 2 = 230 VAC Euro
  • 3 = 230 VAC UK
  • 8 = 230 VAC Euro, remote power option and flow rate output

C = Size Sensitivity Options

  • 4 = 0.5 µm and 5.0 µm*
  • 6 = 0.3 µm and 0.5 µm

D = Flow Rate Options

  • 2 = 0.10 CFM
  • 4 = 1.00 CFM*
  • 6 = 1.00 CFM with External Exhaust*
  • 7 = 0.10 CFM with External Exhaust

*=Most Common

Product Description

The CI-3100 OPT Series is a 2-channel particle counter used in continuous monitoring applications in a variety of industries – generally Grade A or B (ISO 5) clean zones. You have a choice of standard data interface options including RS-485 Modbus, 4-20 mA outputs, or Ethernet (TCP/IP); and contains an internal power supply and vacuum pump eliminating the need for an external air source. Standard particle sizes are 0.5 µm and 5.0 µm, but custom sizes are also available. Designed for fixed continuous monitoring deployment, the CI-3100 OPT offers a standard flow rate of 1 CFM, and some models are offered in an alternatively lower 0.1 CFM flow rate (Call for details).

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. is proud to partner with Climet, a company that is known worldwide for making a one of the most durable and accurate particle counters in the industry.

An Expert In Manufacturing Industrial Instrumentation

An expert in manufacturing industrial instrumentation, every new instrument design from Climet is drop and vibration tested, guaranteeing end users up to a decade (and beyond) of reliable operation. This level of stringent testing is unique among other manufacturers and ensures accidents don't turn into capital appropriation requests or expensive repair bills.

Unparalleled Statistics

Customers in regulated industries know they are generally required to re-calibrate their particle counters on an annual basis. When a particle counter is found to be out-of-tolerance (OOT) during this calibration, a deviation report and investigation are required in regulated industries. This report is a time-consuming and costly investigation. This is a hidden cost associated with low quality within the instrument, which few end users track. Internal studies and customer Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) feedback confirms that, on average, when a Climet particle counter is equal to or less than 7 years old, the instrument passes its interval calibration 99.6% of the time. In a separate internal study of 2,000+ Climet particle counters, it was confirmed an in-tolerance rate of 98.3% with approximately 25% of the particle counters included in this study being 10 or more years old. These statistics are absolutely unparalleled in the industry, and Climet uniquely provides value well beyond the simple use of the instrumentation.

Patented Metal Ellipsoidal Mirror

Every Climet particle counter has a patented metal ellipsoidal mirror used in their collection optics. This technical innovation provides a superior performance advantage. It enables their instruments to view particles at various angles, minimizing the effect of particle shape on sizing. Moreover, it collects more light for greater sensitivity and improves monotonic response and signal-to-noise ratio.

Product Features

Exceeding standards and expectations.
Climet uniquely manufactures their instrumentation, not to simply meet ISO 14698 standards, but to exceed the standard in order to meet user expectations for: (1) accuracy and stability of measurement (2) mitigation of deviation reports and investigations (3) ease of use (4) overall product quality. These factors uniquely provide our loyal customers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Buy From An Innovator, Not An Imitator:
With a long history of successfully implementing disruptive technologies, our customers can rest assured they own the highest quality instrumentation available on the market. Every Climet microbial sampler is manufactured with the highest degree of engineering acumen, and incorporates one or more patented or patent pending technologies.
Uncompromising Quality is in our Corporate DNA.
Their success is not based on quirky marketing gimmicks, but rather rock-solid instrumentation that adds personal value, and that's time-proven and built to last a decade or more.


Thumbnail CI-3100OPT Series OPT Series OPT Series Remote Particle Counters Remote Particle Counters Internal Vacuum Pump Internal Vacuum Pump 1CFM Continuous Monitoring
CI-3100 OPT Series OPT Series OPT Series Remote Particle Counters Remote Particle Counters Internal Vacuum Pump Internal Vacuum Pump 1CFM Continuous Monitoring
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