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Model Number CellDrop BF

DeNovix CellDrop BF Cell Counters

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The D.A.I. Scientific Difference
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  • Excellent Customer Service
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  • Dynamic Range: 7 x 102 – 2.5 x 107 cells/ml e+
  • Cell Size Range: 4 – 400 µm
  • Sample Volume: 5.0 µL @50 µm chamber height
  • Sample Volume: 10 µL @100 µm chamber height (standard)
  • Sample Volume: 40 µL @400 µm chamber height
  • Measurement Speed: Brightfield- 3 seconds @1 x 106 cell/mL e+
  • Optical Mode: Brightfield only
  • Sample Surfaces: Optical Sapphire
  • Brightfield Illumination: LED 530 nm
  • Emission Filters: 530 nm +/- 25 nm and 645nm +/- 37 nm
  • Gesture Recognition: Multipoint touch, swipe, pinch
  • Display is 7″, 1280 x 800 high definition color display
  • Camera: Basler daA2500- 14µm
  • Images: 2048 x 800 px (3.15 MB) with overlay capabilities
  • Focus: User-controlled onscreen coarse and fine adjustment
  • Detector: ON Semiconductor MT9P031
  • Processor: Nvidia Tegra K1 with Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, HDMi, USB
  • External Dimensions: (LxWxH) 37 x 21 x 18 cm
  • Warranty is 2 Years

Product Features

The award winning CellDrop from DeNovix has changed how labs count cells. You no longer need expensive slides. This will reduce your lab cost and save the environment! The CellDrop BF, Brightfield Cell Counter, ideal for labs to automate and reduce the cost of trypan blue counting.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. is proud to represent an innovative and award-winning company like DeNovix.

DeNovix was formed in 2012 by a group of scientists and engineers with proven track records of manufacturing innovative products. They are driven by their passion to support and facilitate the advances made in today's scientific community.

The award-winning instruments by DeNovix are powered by their EasyApps® software. Pre-configured apps ensure that workflows are optimized and simple to use.

Each DeNovix instrument has the ability for onboard data storage. If you have to export your data, you can email, download to a USB or even print.

Product Features

No Slides With DirectPipette™ Technology
Traditional plastic slides or glass hemocytometers are replaced by two permanent optical sapphire surfaces. These are positioned parallel to one another by a calibration-free, high-precision mechanism, forming a chamber of precisely defined height. 10µL of cell suspension is pipetted into the chamber, analyzed and simply wiped away with a dry laboratory wipe. The powerful live-view image allows instant verification that cleaning has been successful.
Accurate Across the Widest Range of Cell Size and Density
Using conventional counting methods, samples with high or low cell densities require time consuming dilution or concentration steps. The variable height chamber of the CellDrop Automated Cell Counters enables the most accurate counts over the widest cell densities – 7 x 102 – 2.5 x 107. cells/mL Chamber height can also be adjusted to accommodate almost any cell with a diameter range of 4 to 400µm.
Easy-to-Learn, Powerful-to-Use
Designed by life scientists, the CellDrop EasyApps® Software exceeds the functionality of high cost cell counters while also delivering the ease-of-use of simpler systems. EasyApps and the high definition, 7″ touchscreen interface provides intuitive cell counting, from sample loading to data exporting in seconds. Pre-installed applications include a range of common applications for one-touch analysis of assays such as Brightfield, Trypan blue, AO/PI, GFP and Yeast and the ability to create custom methods.

Why D.A.I. Scientific

  • Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Lab Equipment?
    Not all lab equipment suppliers are created equal. Here is why you should get a quote from D.A.I. Scientific:
  • Competitive Prices
    Since we directly represent the manufacturer, you get the best price available — unlike a distributor who buys the product and then marks up the price to you. We have long term relationships with these manufacturers that provide not only a great price but superior equipment packages.
  • Providing the Right Recommendations
    We work with a lot of lab equipment consultants and architecture and engineering firms to provide recommendations for new buildings or renovations. But we’re your resource no matter what. Companies continually call us for ideas and recommendations on equipment purchases even after a project is finished, and we’re happy to help.
  • 50+ Years of Experience
    We’ve sold thousands of pieces of lab equipment, which means we know how to avoid common challenges and pitfalls that can occur during a purchase. If you need help with purchasing a single piece of equipment, or an entire lab for a new building, let our experience save you time, money and unnecessary headaches.
  • No Surprise Fees
    We believe in complete transparency, which means we won’t surprise you with any fees during the process. We’re up front about our pricing, and our goal is to help you understand the complete cost from order and delivery to setup and training.
  • Training
    Our experienced, factory-trained representatives have the specialized knowledge to answer your questions and help you pick out exactly what you need. They can also help you set up your equipment, provide training for you and your lab technicians and answer questions over the lifespan of your product.
  • One-Source Provider
    We have a long history of working with market-leading manufacturers, and customer service is our top priority. Whether you need a single replacement unit for your lab or an entire equipment package, D.A.I. Scientific is your one-source provider for all your laboratory equipment needs.


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