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Model Number MDF-DU503VHA-PA

PHCbi MDF-DU503VHA-PA VIP Eco Smart Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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The D.A.I. Scientific Difference
  • More than 50 Years of Industry Experience
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Highly Qualified & Educated Employees


  • Temperature Control Range: -40°C to -86°C
  • Temperature Uniformity:  +/- 5C
  • Volume 18.6 cu.ft.
  • Power Requirements: 115V, 60Hz/single phase/20-amp breaker, requires NEMA 5-20R receptacle
  • External Dimensions: 31.1″ W × 34.7″ D × 78.5″ H (main cabinet only, excluding handle and other external projections)
  • Internal Dimensions: 24.8″ W × 23.6″ D × 55.1″ H
  • Storage Capacity: 384 (2″ boxes)
  • Storage Capacity of Inventory Racks: 16
  • Access ports for temperature monitoring
  • Compartments: 4 (3 stainless steel shelves)
  • 5-year parts & labor warranty and 5-year compressor parts warranty

Product Description

The MDF-DU503VHA VIP ECO Smart Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer features a large LCD Touch Screen user interface providing great visibility and intuitive operation. This model features an Optimal Security Based Convenience System of multiple protective cabinet accessing options, including a state-of-the-art, Facial Recognition Technology. This model also features an EZlatch door handle which comes standard with a built-in electronic lock, complementing its robust advanced security software. Variable speed smart compressors, natural refrigerants and integrated electronics work simultaneously to lower facility operating cost while ensuring optimal reliable performance.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. is proud to continue a 20+ year partnership with PHC to offer best-in-class products for preservation and incubation applications.

For more than 50 years, the companies that comprise PHC Corporation of North America, including SANYO Biomedical and Panasonic Healthcare, have sustained a commitment to innovation and service for the life science community. Today, they continue that commitment by offering a wide selection of ENERGY STAR certified products designed for high performance and dependability.

All PHCbi products, parts and services (validation and technical support) are based out of their Chicago-area office, and most products can ship within days of an order being placed. High-quality products and local support are why customers remain loyal to the PHCbi brand.

Nothing says more about a company than the warranty they use to support their products. All PHCbi products are made of the highest quality for real life conditions, and are backed by the industry's best warranties.

Product Features

Advanced technology and integrated electronics combine to allow the compressors to operate at a slower pace once the temperature set point has been attained and when the main door is closed. This provides less noise, less heat emission and lower energy consumption during daily operation.
Performance & Reliability
Robust refrigeration system with purpose built compressors that are made for the application. Unique internal heat exchange increases performance envelope, tolerates high ambient temperatures
Security Control
Optimal Security Convenience including facial recognition technology, keypad access and proximity card options to unlock the EZ latch electronic locking mechanism for cabinet access or adjustment of desired performance settings.
Large Intuitive LCD Touchscreen control panel interface which allows information to be viewed from various angles. This display allows for easy programming of temperature, monitoring of performance statistics and the ability to view displayed information from long distances. This model comes standard with USB Data Retrieval capabilities.
EZ latch
EZlatch Electronic Lock Door Assisting Handle is engineered to aid the users by pushing the door away from the cabinet frame during door openings and to provide greater efficiency when closing the door after loading/unloading the equipment. This handle is also built to tolerate frequent door openings, simplify one-handed access, and control frost build up.
My experience with DAI Scientific has been exceptional. I have come to appreciate the reliability of their products, the professionalism of their employees, and the readiness of their responses whether at the quoting, purchasing, delivery or setup stage. I have purchased multiple items from them over the years and their performance and endurance has been outstanding. I frequently recommend DAI to my colleagues and their experience has been as good as mine.
Wayne State University

Why D.A.I. Scientific

  • Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Lab Equipment?
    Not all lab equipment suppliers are created equal. Here is why you should get a quote from D.A.I. Scientific:
  • Competitive Prices
    Since we directly represent the manufacturer, you get the best price available — unlike a distributor who buys the product and then marks up the price to you. We have long term relationships with these manufacturers that provide not only a great price but superior equipment packages.
  • Providing the Right Recommendations
    We work with a lot of lab equipment consultants and architecture and engineering firms to provide recommendations for new buildings or renovations. But we’re your resource no matter what. Companies continually call us for ideas and recommendations on equipment purchases even after a project is finished, and we’re happy to help.
  • 50+ Years of Experience
    We’ve sold thousands of pieces of lab equipment, which means we know how to avoid common challenges and pitfalls that can occur during a purchase. If you need help with purchasing a single piece of equipment, or an entire lab for a new building, let our experience save you time, money and unnecessary headaches.
  • No Surprise Fees
    We believe in complete transparency, which means we won’t surprise you with any fees during the process. We’re up front about our pricing, and our goal is to help you understand the complete cost from order and delivery to setup and training.
  • Training
    Our experienced, factory-trained representatives have the specialized knowledge to answer your questions and help you pick out exactly what you need. They can also help you set up your equipment, provide training for you and your lab technicians and answer questions over the lifespan of your product.
  • One-Source Provider
    We have a long history of working with market-leading manufacturers, and customer service is our top priority. Whether you need a single replacement unit for your lab or an entire equipment package, D.A.I. Scientific is your one-source provider for all your laboratory equipment needs.


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