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Model Number Genie G 10 system, with TOC

RephiLe Genie G10 with TOC Water Systems


  • Feed Water: Tap Water
  • Flow rate: 10 L/hr
  • Dispensing rate: Up to 2.0 L/min
  • EDI Water Resistivity: > 5 MΩ·cm (typically 10 – 15 MΩ·cm)
  • EDI water TOC: < 30 ppb
  • Ultrapure Water Resistivity: 18.2 MΩ·cm
  • Ultrapure Water TOC: < 5 ppb

Product Description

The Genie G series offers desired solutions for research professionals who work with varieties of applications utilizing Type I ultrapure and Type II pure water in the lab. Quality of ultrapure water and EDI water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water and Type II water standards.

Founded in 1967, D.A.I. Scientific has provided solutions for the following companies:

Manufacturers Trust D.A.I. Scientific

D.A.I. Scientific is proud to partner with RephiLe Bioscience to provide world-class water purification systems. RephiLe's core team consists of senior managers and highly experienced engineers from large MNCs in the filtration and lab water industry.

Our water technology includes the most advanced technologies and continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) technologies to meet the needs of various laboratories and pilot production requirements.

These systems provide high product water quality that meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI and CAP standards, as well as stable performance that is easy to manage at economical costs.

The large color touchscreen monitor stores and displays water quality, operation parameters, system statuses, dispensers, components and peripheral devices.

Product Features

System can be linked to multiple dispensers via CAN cable or wireless
Auto temperature compensationallows RO production rate stable over a wide range of temperatures
Fully automated system
System automatically rinses a new RO membrane
Bypass automatically sends RO water to the drain if it does not meet a preset quality standard
Leak protector will prevent damage from a water leakage by shutting the feed water off
On-line TOC monitor
Easy operation and maintenance


Genie Water Systems
Genie Water Systems
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