The University of Michigan performed extensive research of many brands of Ultra-Low Freezers and the PHCbi (formally Panasonic HealthCare) VIP ECO line was the best option for Energy Savings, Temperature Performance, Reliability, and Sample Storage. This Biorepository has been using the previous VIP freezers with much success and moving to the ECO model was the most natural choice.


PHCbi ECO Freezers are available in two upright cabinet sizes (25.7 cu.ft. and 18.6 cu.ft) and in both 115V and 220V electrical models. All VIP ECO freezers have earned ENERGY STAR Certification and include Advanced Frost Control and an EZLatch door design ultimately essential to better energy efficiency in real-world conditions.

D.A.I. Scientific Equipment and PHCbi are proud to be chosen to be the preferred vendor for -80C freezers at this University of Michigan biorepository.

Natural Refrigerant -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

The VIP ECO® ultra-low temperature freezer product line includes the prestigious Good Design award-winning -86°C upright model which was also independently rated as the world’s most energy-efficient and best performing ultra-low freezer. Operating on natural refrigerants, all VIP ECO Series freezers are ENERGY STAR® Certified and available in both 115V and 220V models. Our freezers are design, tested and field-proven for safe, reliable storage of biologicals.

High performance and dependability are central to the PHC sustainability equation. Smart compressors and integrated electronics combine with natural refrigerants to lower operating costs without putting reliability and ultra-low temperature performance at risk.


Sustainability Advanced

New natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact without compromising ultra-low temperature performance.

  • Fast pull-down to -80°C demonstrates reserve cooling power
  • Fast recovery after door openings protects stored biological product integrity
  • Narrow interior uniformity, top to bottom, side to side, front to back minimizes uncertainty
  • Patented VIP Series cabinet design slows warm-up during a power outage, saves energy
  • Unique internal heat exchanger increases performance envelope, tolerates high ambient temperatures