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Environmental Rooms

Product Description

Hussmann has over 100+ years of Leadership and Excellence in the refrigeration industry and their track record speaks for itself. Beginning with innovative refrigeration designs, custom Environmental Room solutions, custom coil and controller design, as well as humidity control and numerous other options. Hussmann is your turnkey scientific solution for stability, uniformity and dependability.

Product Features

Reliable Refrigeration System
Hussmann refrigeration systems, and related coils and condensers, are custom designed, engineered and manufactured for each specific need and application. High-quality components and manufacturing techniques combine with rigorous testing to ensure reliable performance. Compressor options, sub-cooling techniques, system configuration and proprietary technologies are each selected to provide the maximum energy efficiency.
Exact Controls To Ensure Product Integrity
Electronic controls on the Hussmann refrigeration equipment integrate seamlessly with building control systems to regulate temperature and humidity, ensuring compliance with exacting specifications. The controls feature temperature and mechanical failure alarms, full color touch screens and remote access to allow monitoring and effective control of redundant systems to eliminate downtime. The control system’s data logging ability allows temperature tracking for regulatory compliance and to ensure product integrity.
Professional Installation
Hussmann’s extensive technician training and certification programs ensure that their technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to address your needs. Their professional technicians are trained to install and service Hussmann refrigeration equipment, as well as products from most major suppliers.


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